Tuesday, October 26, 2010


16th November 2010, a couple of weeks to go.

As years before , I'll have my own wishlist.

Dress , watch , mini skirts , cool boots , more dresses , pearl restraints , heels , luxurious lingerie & oh eye patches would be fun too ! ( you can click on the link to see the images , bummer )

For a girl like me , a huge vision for my own wardrobe but with a very tiny bank account to work with , this kinda wishlist is somehow crucial or essential or whatever .
Talking about 'whatever' , you gotta watch this !

Cute ? I know .

I am a Scorpio , poisonous enough , i sting .
Find out more about Scorpio here :

To hell with those wishlist . This is the new one .

1. Be better when I am older .
2. Responsibilities is the key word as I am the eldest and I'm turning 19 not 9 .
3. Mummy daddy be back together as they used to .
4. Make me a good, high quality, professional dancer .
5. Learn to say 'no' .
6. Less socialism , know my rights as a girl . Learn the boundaries of mans and womans .
7. Less eating (I am pretty sure this won't work out , teett )
8. Start eating veges . Can't cross this one , I really need to swallow this greeny yuckies for the sake of my lungs . Urghh !
9. A new phone . 
10. Buy a whole lot bigger cage with playground in it for Sushi & Miso , my very dear hamsters .
11. New shoes . 
13. What else ? Oh yeah , learn to be nice . Nice , nicer , nicest .

Anddddd thats it !

Oh yeah beanie I really really need you for my party (if i have one) my dear personal photographer !
Bella misses you buddy .

Can't really believe that I'm turning 19 this year . Feels like it was yesterday I was in pinafore , cycling hard to school , hurt my knees , (you are waiting for the part that I'd have cried is it? In your dreams) having letters from secret admires , got presents from strangers , watch movies with classmates , sleepovers , etc etc .

So not ready to be 19 .


  1. i dh lma 19 u. january babes. hahaha btw i nk life masa form 2. best ever!

  2. I know. Its just that, I can't really believe that I am..............OLD! =.=''

  3. btol ke link yg u bgi tuh? azri blast things about you huh? =P